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Quality Services we provide include:

- A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to be located in their data center, called colocation. Our hosting include : HostingCMS Hosting Server HostingDomain and DNSEmails Linux / Microsoft / MAC Xserver

- Network management refers to the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems.

Some of our networking expertise include:

Wireless - Wireless network refers to any type of computer network that is wireless, and is commonly associated with a telecommunications network whose interconnections between nodes is implemented without the use of wires.

Service Exchange - Service Exchange helps you deploy secure personalized services while improving profitability, network efficiency, and control with a common service infrastructure.Universal Gateways and Access Servers.

VPN Security - A virtual private network (VPN) is a method of computer networking typically using the public internet--that allows users to privately share information between remote locations, or between a remote location and a business home network. A VPN can provide secure information transport by authenticating users, and encrypting data to prevent unauthorized persons from reading the information transmitted. The VPN can be used to send any kind of network traffic securely.

Routers -The network router is quickly evolving from a device dedicated to connecting disparate networks to an integrated services device capable of multiple functions beyond routing. Customers are increasingly deploying integrated services routers, or sophisticated network routers that can deliver voice, video, data and Internet access, wireless, and other applications.SwitchesThe network switch, packet switch (or just switch) plays an integral part in most Ethernet local area networks or LANs. Mid-to-large sized LANs contain a number of linked managed switches. Small office, home office (SOHO) applications typically use a single switch, or an all-purpose converged device such as gateway access to small office/home office broadband services such as DSL router or cable Wi-Fi router


Our services are not limited to specific softwares as we can apply our skills and provide solutions to all kinds of queries to any of the following:

Microsoft Windows /All - Microsoft Windows is a series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft. Microsoft first introduced an operating environment named Windows in November 1985 as an add-on to MS-DOS in response to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Microsoft Windows came to dominate the world's personal computer market, overtaking Mac OS, which had been introduced previously. Linux / Redhat / Cenos / Debian / Ubunutu

MAC / All - Mac OS is the trademarked name for a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) for their Macintosh line of computer systems.

Novell / All - Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL) is a global software corporation based in the United States specializing in enterprise operating systems such as SUSE Linux Enterprise and Novell NetWare; identity, security and systems management solutions; and collaboration solutions.

Unix / All - Unix (officially trademarked as UNIX, sometimes also written as Unix with small caps is a computer operating system originally developed in 1969 by a group of AT&T employees at Bell Labs, including Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Douglas McIlroy, Joe Ossanna, and Tom Blakeley. Today's Unix systems are split into various branches, developed over time by AT&T as well as various commercial vendors and non-profit organizations.

VMware / All - The name "VMware" comes from the acronym "VM", meaning "virtual machine", combined with ware from the second part of "software".VMware's desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. VMware's enterprise software, VMware ESX Server, runs directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying operating system.

Website Design

Next2it has professional web designers specialising in high quality websites to further boost your business venture and help get it out on the market. Using a powerful CMS (Content Management System) our web designers get the best out of their ability to provide you with a website worth paying for.


Here at Next2it our skilled technician are able to provide services beyond the IT world. As a business we can provide home-based security solutions. We offer CCTV ( Closed Circuit Televison)  solutions aswell as intercommunication solutions on a high quality level. In this field we are determined to satisfy your every need according to your own prefference. So no matter what you need, extreme as can be, our technicians will provide you satisfaction and peace of mind.